What's your fair global salary? A calculator.
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What's your fair global salary? A calculator.

Figure out what your digital skills are worth and how you should charge your employers. Make use of this calculator to earn what you deserve as a remote worker.
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Knowing the right salary for your digital skill is necessary if you want to succeed in remote employment. While the value of your skill, or skills, ranges differently in each country, you can easily calculate your fair global salary that you can confidently negotiate with employers around the world.

A fair global salary is the value for your skills that employers around the world, irrespective of your or your employer’s location, should pay. It’s true there are digital skills that pay over $100k but it only makes sense to calculate the right salary for your skill. So here’s how you can calculate it:

Calculating Your Fair Global Salary

1. Go to a job board that displays salary data

To start with, head over to job boards that show salary data of job listings. Some of the credible job boards are Glassdoor, Angel, Payscale, etc.

For the purpose of this article, we’ll be using Glassdoor for demonstration as it is free and easy to use.

2. Search for your job title or skill

From the job board, search for the job title that you’re aiming for or the skill that you wish to work with.

You will be able to find more definitive data on skills and titles that are in great demand. And the job boards might have limited data on titles that are less recognized, but they’ll still serve the purpose of finding the global salary.

The next step is to filter the search for some high-salary cities or countries. Some examples are London, New York, Berlin, etc. Please tick in the option for remote positions.

Glassdoor salary identifier

This will give you all the data regarding the searched job title or skill. Try filtering for multiple high salary countries so you’ll get a range of salaries that companies in those cities or countries are paying.

content writer salary range according to Glassdoor

Keep filtering for multiple cities, countries, and even related job titles and skills. You can then use this info to fine-tune your search focus.

For example, if you know multiple skills like Web Design and Frontend Development, the data will show that frontend development has better pay compared to web design. So if you want to figure out what skill of yours pays better, playing around with the job boards will do the trick!

Web designer salary range according to Glassdoor
Frontend developer salary range according to Glassdoor

Once you’re done with the research, you can save these search links for the future. This way, you can easily refer back to the data when you’re asked about your salary expectation in a future interview.

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