High performing remote teams that don’t burn people out.

This course is made for global teams. You’ll learn key tips and processes to evolve from a meeting-heavy to an asynchronous culture.

4.3/5 from 800+ students in 60+ countries

This course is for:

Entrepreneurs & Startup Founders

Hiring remotely is a key advantage for any startup. Nail the right processes since an early stage. Be remote-first.

CTOs & Engineering Managers

In any team culture comes from the top. As a manager, you'll setup processes and lead by example.

Software Engineers & Designers

Working remotely is a key career opportunity, and learning best practises it's a must. Bring them to your company and step up.

Product Managers

The worst part of a PMs job is meeting overload. Learn async best practises and bring them to your teams. You won't look back.

Anyone in HR departments

Going remote and keeping your existing local processes will hold your company back in the battle for talent. Learn how to up you game.

Aspiring Remote Workers

In most interviews for remote roles, you'll be asked about the pros & cons of remote work. Nail it with this knowledge.

Key contents

Hire from a global talent pool

In the office, your talent pool was around your city. With a remote + async culture, your talent pool is the whole world. A key advantage to attract the best candidates.

Reduce meetings, embrace async communication

Meetings are a major cause of burnout on remote teams. Most meetings are irrelevant, they detract time and focus from tasks that move the needle. Allocate your team's time wisely.

Build a culture of trust

Align your team around the company's goals, assign clear tasks, foster ownership and accountability. Manage creators, not factory workers.

Measure outputs not attendance

Focus on your team's deliverables and their impact on the company's goals. Don't chase employee clock in/out, hours worked and other such vanity metrics.

Use the best tools wisely

Learn how to leverage standard tools in a way that fits a remote + async culture. Integrate them for increased productivity. Onboard new team members smoothly.

Use the author's materials

By purchasing this course, you gain free access to the author's wiki, in Notion. It contains ready-to-use materials and templates that you can start using tomorrow in your company.

And much more

Core values
  • Diversity statement
  • Shared empathy
  • Ownership + Accountability
Async processes
  • Fewer meetings
  • More documentation
  • Default to action
Location independence
  • Time zones
  • Onboarding
  • Handle blockers

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