Who Can Have a Remote Job?
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Who Can Have a Remote Job?

Learn what qualifies you to become a remote worker, the highest-paying remote job skills, and other statistics that will help you in your remote employment journey.
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Anyone with a digital skill, a laptop, and an internet connection qualifies for remote jobs. While you might be wondering about the required academic background, the truth is that a degree has very little influence over remote jobs.

There is a multitude of digital skills that qualify for remote jobs. Some of the major and more mainstream digital skills are:

  • Software engineering, design, data science, project management, digital marketing, content writing, translation, personal assistance, customer support, finance, etc.

Of these digital skills, the tech industry produces one of the biggest and rapidly growing employment opportunities. To put this into numbers, each individual that’s proficient in coding will find an average of 7 job openings.

Some of the highly demanded digital skills in the tech industry are:

  • Software Engineering, Data Science, DevOps, Cybersecurity, Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, and UI/UX Design.

Top Digital Skills by Salary

In addition to what we’ve listed here, there are a lot more digital skills that are qualified for remote work. So here’s a comprehensive list of remote jobs sorted by their yearly salary:

  1. Medical Director | $130K–$270K
  2. Finance Director | $61K–$161K
  3. Cloud Architect | $71K–$160K
  4. Marketing Director | $47K–$149K
  5. PR Director | $49K–$140K
  6. Privacy Officer | $50K–$138K
  7. Clinical Trial Manager | $65K–$131K
  8. Data Scientist | $62K-$129K
  9. Business Development Manager | $44K–$122K
  10. Product Manager | $54K–$121K
  11. Research Engineer | $58K–$120K
  12. Technical Support Manager | $50K–$119K
  13. Cyber Security Analyst | $51K–$117K
  14. Mobile Developer | $50K–$113K
  15. Psychologist | $48K–$113K
  16. Senior Account Manager | $49K–$110K
  17. Front-End Developer | $47K–$108K
  18. Project Manager, Operations | $47K-$107K
  19. Senior business analyst | $87K-$106K
  20. UX Architect | $87K-$105K
  21. Medical Writer | $53K–$103K
  22. Actuarial Analyst | $62K-$102K
  23. Software Engineer | $76K-$102K
  24. Art Director | $66K-$101K
  25. Channel Sales Manager | $50K-$124K

Breakdown of Digital Skills with the Most People Working Remotely

Through these years, the tech industry has been proven and known for creating and nurturing remote workers within its categories. As more and more IT skills emerge into high demand every year, it is of no surprise that the tech industry is still a large pool of employment opportunities for working remotely, with very attractive salaries.

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According to Upwork, one of the largest freelancing platforms, 53% of all remote workers are working with digital skills like computer programming, marketing, IT, and business consulting.

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