High paying remote jobs are real, we will help you get one.

Landing a high paying remote job is life changing. The braintrust will provide you the tools to apply and interview, and will be your support network to land your dream remote job.

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The braintrust host

Sergio Pereira

Remote Work changed Sergio's life. Since 2016, Sergio has worked high paying remote jobs, while living in his low wage home country.

As a Startup CTO, Sergio has extensive experience, both as a candidate looking for remote jobs, and also as an interviewer hiring candidates for his engineering teams.

In this braintrust, Sergio shares all this knowledge, so that more people can follow the same path.

  • Remote Work Advocate

    Sergio got his first remote job in 2016, and has worked remote ever since.

  • 7+ Years as a Remote CTO

    Sergio landed his first remote job in 2016. Since then Sergio has received dozens of remote job offers from companies in the US, UK and EU.

  • Hired 100+ remote roles

    Sergio has built several remote teams spread around the globe. He interviewed thousands of remote candidates, and has developed a sharp filter for red flags.

The three parts of this braintrust

A cohort based course

A 5-module course, lectured by Sergio Pereira. It has live and async sessions, and covers the main topics to get you from zero to landing remote job interviews. You’ll learn what roles to target, how to pitch yourself, how to find companies and roles, how to apply and interview best practises.

A tight knit community

Finding your dream job is hard work, and can take a long time. After taking the course you’ll find a slack community of fellow remote workers, and those trying to find their first remote job. This is the reliable support network you have during this transformative period of your life.

A firehose of remote job openings

This community contains several automated channels that are updated daily with new remote job postings. By aggregating the most popular remote job boards, we save you valuable time that would otherwise be spent scrolling through countless job listings across the internet.

This course is for you, if:

You don’t know where to start

You dream of working remotely for a US company, but you don’t know how to find such companies. We’ll show you.

You’ve never applied to your dream remote job

Remote jobs are hyper competitive, and impostor syndrome is real. You’ll learn the best practises of applying to remote jobs.

You apply, but never hear back from companies

You apply, but companies ghost you. You don’t get any interviews. We’ll show you different paths and how to use them.

You get the first interview, but get rejected

Interviewing is a real skill, and knowing how to pitch yourself is fundamental. You’ll learn some best practises to follow and red flags to avoid.

You fly through the interviews but don’t get an offer

Remote jobs are very competitive, you’ll need to bring your A game to all rounds. You’ll learn what interviewers expect at each round.

You get offers, but they are too low

You might be targeting the wrong companies. We’ll tell you how remote salaries work and how to aim for high offers.

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