The Best Home Office Setup
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The Best Home Office Setup

The best home office setup is not the one that's expensive and aesthetically pleasuring, but the one that provides comfort. Here's my $30 home office setup, and why it's much superior to an expensive desk and chair.
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I've worked from home for 6 years. Through my process, I've spent more than $1000 in office chairs and desks only to experience constant pain in the back.

After getting suggestions from my physio, I found a $30 setup that literally took the pain away.

My colleagues laugh in disbelief when I show them what my "chair" looks like.

An Expensive Setup to No Avail

At first, I used a few different types of office chairs. Most of them very standard, like the one shown below.

Spent hundreds of $$$. And with all of them, I had constant discomfort and pain in my back, shoulders, and neck.

Then I tried a standup desk. With a lever to adjust height, like the one shown below.

Paid at least some $300 for it. But standing up during most of the day didn't work for me. Although it helped to stop the upper body pain, I started having occasional pain in my knees and feet.

The $30 Setup

Then, my physio recommended my current setup. At first, I frowned, like most people would when I reveal the setup.

But I quickly felt better and better as discomfort stopped. Now I wouldn't trade this $30 setup for any chair in the world.

I've been using a $15 yoga ball as a chair for 3 years now. Never had those pains again.

*The image above is just an example of the posture you get, and it is not me in the photo.

Bonus Tip

I've been using an American football (half deflated) as a foot rest. Best combo ever.

I get a better posture on my back (from sitting on the yoga ball), but a better posture on my feet with the American football. And I'm still flexible to move and turn a bit.


The point is, an expensive setup might give you the aesthetic pleasure. For most people, it'll honestly be a struggle with discomfort.

The purpose of my setup is to give me the comfort I need while working. Yes, it might not look so neat and beautiful, but it doesn't cause me pains I don't need.

Hope this tip helps you get rid of those WFH pains. Thank me later.

(Disclaimer: I'm not a healthcare professional nor is any of this medical advice. It's simply something that worked for me. Try at your own discretion, the cost of trying is quite low anyway.)

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