Manager of a remote team

Managing remote teams is challenging. Learn from the best articles about remote teams, asynchronous work, hiring remotely, remote productivity tools, etc. With our guides, you'll be able to slowly transform into an effective and efficient remote team manager, helping your company and employees follow a smoother work environment. A manager is the spine of a company and its team. So here's a chance to teach yourself with our guides and become a healthy part of the business.

How To Communicate Effectively in Companies

person working remotely

Take a look at how traditional companies communicate and what managers can do to make communication more efficient in companies.

2 min read

Salary Frameworks: What Employers Need To Know When Hiring Remotely

employers can pay remote employees equally or according to their location

Learn more about compensating remote employees equally and according to their location. Find out which one of the two compensation models works best for your company.

4 min read

Core Values of a Remote Team Every Employer Should Have

empathy should be one of the core values of a remote team

When managing employees from multiple countries, it's vital to understand the core values of a remote team that every employer should have. Implement these core values into your remote team now!

5 min read

Remote Work Mental Health: How to Keep Remote Workers Healthy

remote work mental health impacts the productivity of employees

Remote work mental health is greatly impacted especially as remote employees work in isolation. Here are the causes and how you can keep remote work mental health in check.

6 min read

Remote Work: The Ultimate Guide for Employers

person engaged in remote work

Working with remote employees requires a whole different strategy. From understanding the different contractual possibilities to effectively managing remote employees, here's the ultimate guide for employers to understand remote work.

7 min read