Remote employment can be confusing at times. Especially when it comes to your value as a remote worker, everyone deserves to earn a fair market salary for their hard work. How does that work remotely? Learn from the best articles to identify what your skills are worth, how to price your skills, how to ask for a pay raise, etc. With proven techniques and best practices, you'll be able to understand all aspects of salaries for remote employment, which will help you succeed in remote work.

The Benefits of Remote Work for Rich and Developing Countries

The Benefits of Remote Work for Rich and Developing Countries

Remote work is quickly becoming the biggest social innovation of recent years, and with good reason. Not only does it provide major benefits for people living in major cities in rich countries, but it also opens up new opportunities for people living in rural areas and poor countries.

2 min read

Salary Frameworks: What Employers Need To Know When Hiring Remotely

employers can pay remote employees equally or according to their location

Learn more about compensating remote employees equally and according to their location. Find out which one of the two compensation models works best for your company.

4 min read

Remote Salaries: Understanding the Compensation Divide

Person working remotely

Every business has its own way of compensating remote employees. However, it all comes down to two compensation strategies: location-indexed salaries and equally paid salaries.

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Remote compensation divide: Location-indexed salaries vs equal pay for equal roles

Employees in a remote meeting

Learn the two different compensation strategies for remote workers with this definite comparison between location-indexed salaries and equal pay for equal roles.

3 min read

Companies that pay equal salaries to similar roles, are magnets for remote talent

People walking during daytime

Find out how companies that pay equal salaries for equal job roles effortlessly attract remote talent, as opposed to companies with location-indexed salaries.

4 min read
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