As an employer, hiring the right talent for the right conditions of your company is challenging. With remote employment becoming the new norm, getting to know and hiring a remote worker becomes even more challenging when you can't even interact with them in person. Learn from the best articles on finding the right talent, best practices to identify a candidate's skills and talents, hiring a new remote worker, etc.

The 4-Step Hiring Process You Should Know as an Applicant

the 4-step hiring process you should know as an applicant

Here's a deeper look into the 4 stages that companies use in their process of hiring. If you're an applicant, you must know this!

4 min read

Hiring Remotely - The Ultimate Checklist and Process to Hire Remote Employees

the ultimate checklist and process for hiring remotely

Here's your ultimate guide to hiring remotely. Copy the best hiring checklist and processes for hiring remote employees.

12 min read

The Benefits of Remote Work for Rich and Developing Countries

The Benefits of Remote Work for Rich and Developing Countries

Remote work is quickly becoming the biggest social innovation of recent years, and with good reason. Not only does it provide major benefits for people living in major cities in rich countries, but it also opens up new opportunities for people living in rural areas and poor countries.

2 min read

3 Simple Hiring Rules for Non-Technical Startup Founders

it's good to have a technical stakeholder at leadership level when hiring

It's not always a good idea to hire employees if the superiors at a company have a non-technical background. Here are 3 rules of thumb to non-technical startup founders for hiring.

2 min read

Salary Frameworks: What Employers Need To Know When Hiring Remotely

employers can pay remote employees equally or according to their location

Learn more about compensating remote employees equally and according to their location. Find out which one of the two compensation models works best for your company.

4 min read
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