As an employer, hiring the right talent for the right conditions of your company is challenging. With remote employment becoming the new norm, getting to know and hiring a remote worker becomes even more challenging when you can't even interact with them in person. Learn from the best articles on finding the right talent, best practices to identify a candidate's skills and talents, hiring a new remote worker, etc.

The Best Hiring Tip for CTOs

woman engaged in remote work

Hiring employees remotely is one of the best ways to boost a company's potential. As companies are returning to the office, here's the best hiring tip for CTOs to utilize the opportunity.

3 min read

Hiring Before and After Remote Work: The Massive After Effect

person engaged in remote work

Through my years of experience as a CTO, here's how hiring employees transitioned before and after the emergence of remote work.

3 min read

7 tips for onboarding a new colleague to your remote team

Employees interacting with each other in an office

Adapting to a new remote team is always a hassle for your new colleague. Here are the 7 tips for effectively onboarding a new colleague to your remote team.

6 min read

Not all remote companies are equal. From hybrid to async, a breakdown of different types of remote work

A women engaged in her remote job

Here's a breakdown of the different types of remote work that companies offer. Identify what kind of remote work you're engaged in!

4 min read