How Do CTOs and Engineering Managers Showcase Their Skills?
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How Do CTOs and Engineering Managers Showcase Their Skills?

Engineers have Github repos to show. Designers have their portfolios. Here's what CTOs and Engineering Managers can do to showcase skills.
showcasing skills as a CTO or Engineering Manager

Engineers have Github repos to show.

Designers have their portfolios.

Showcasing Skills as CTOs and Engineering Managers

  • Engineers follow them to their next company.
  • References from past managers/peers/investors.
  • A career story backed by numbers.
  • A body of public work.
  • Mentorship and educational activities.

How to Showcase Your Skills as a CTO or Engineering Manager

What do CTOs and Engineering Managers have to showcase their skills and achievements?

Well, these are a few things you can do.

1. Happy Engineers Ready To Follow Them to Their Next Company

A manager has a tremendous impact on their peers and reports. When a great manager leaves, several team members will want to follow them.

Certainly, companies have "anti-poaching" clauses to mitigate this. But still.

2. Solid References From Past Managers/Peers/Investors

CTOs, EMs, and similar leadership roles have a high impact on a company.

The results of their decisions and actions will be very tangible. Either positively or negatively.

Some of those impacts could be public, but most won't.

3. A Career Story That’s Backed by Numbers

Some metrics are public. Such as revenue figures, growth numbers, hiring targets, funding, and exits, etc.

Those should add to one's career path. As in, "I joined at X revenue, and left at Y revenue".

References should confirm these.

4. A Body of Public Work

This could be blogs, Twitter, public speeches, local meetups, etc.

Communication skills are key for any leader. Being able to articulate one's knowledge in public is a great sign that a leader can do the same internally in their teams.

5. Mentorship & Educational Activities

One of the primary jobs of a leader is to help their team members learn and grow.

Mentorship in bootcamps, startup accelerators, etc. Teaching in universities, bootcamps, or online in Udemy, etc. These are great heuristics for people's development.

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