Pros and Cons of Fractional CTO
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Pros and Cons of Fractional CTO

In a time where fractional CTO work is becoming the subject matter, find out the pros and cons of working as a fractional CTO before you take the jump.
Pros and Cons of Fractional CTO
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Fractional CTO work seems to be becoming more popular.

Many established full-time CTOs seem curious about doing Fractional work.

One of the main questions I get is about the pros and cons of this "Fractional" lifestyle vs a traditional full-time job.

I've been doing Fractional CTO work in some capacity for 5 years now.

  • For a period, I did it as my "primary job"
  • At some times, I had small "advisory" clients on the side of a full-time CTO job
  • One time I just paused the fCTO work when I was hired full-time by a client

Pros of Fractional CTO Work

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1. The Pay Is Very Good and Hourly Rates Are Going Up

It feels great to have such high demand and increasing rates. More startups are hiring Fractional CTOs, as a result of high salaries, remote work, and recently tighter budgets.

2. Flexible Life Style

Clients are way more remote+async now than a few years ago. It was standard for me to accept some traveling 5 years ago, then I started rejecting and it was fine, then there was the pandemic. Now it doesn't even come up anymore.

3. I Grow a Lot Faster

I get to work with different companies, different industries, different growth stages, different tech stacks, with different founder personalities. I find it super enriching, I learn a lot and gain an understanding of a broader spectrum of realities.

Cons of Fractional CTO Work

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1. Lack of Ownership + Accountability

If I screw up, I'm an invoice at the end of the month. If I do great work, I'm an invoice at the end of the month. Sometimes I enjoy the detachment, but it wears out.

2. Managing Shit Shows

Startups with the fairy tale business+tech founding team don't usually need an fCTO. The low odds add to the challenge for sure, but it can become really draining to manage such sub-optimal scenarios (vs my own startups or the ones I join early as FT CTO).

3. I Don’t Get To See the Results of My Own Work

As an fCTO, success means transitioning my work to a full-time CTO, which many times I help hire. They will replace me and I'll become at best an advisor. Sometimes I love to move away, other times I'd like to see how it unfolds.

Curiously, around 2019 I had a Fractional CTO client which whom I bonded so closely with the Founding team, the mission, and the product.

When the company grew to a stage to hire a Full-Time CTO, I accepted taking that role myself and became a co-founder/CTO.

This can also happen.

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