Remote Work: 6 Predictions About Its True Impact
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Remote Work: 6 Predictions About Its True Impact

Here's how remote work impacted employment all over the world, what it means for the future, and opportunities that have emerged with it.
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"What free trade did to blue collar jobs, Remote work will do to white collar jobs."

- @naval tweeted last year.

So these are 6 predictions about the true impact of remote work globally.

1. High Paying Jobs Become Available Globally

  • Companies have long struggled to hire tech talent locally
  • After the pandemic, many are going remote
  • They start hiring candidates who have the right skills for the job
  • Regardless of where in the world they are physically located

2. Tech Workers Flee Expensive Cities

  • Location is no longer a key factor to get high paying jobs
  • Many tech workers living in expensive cities decide it isn't worth the cost
  • They move out to cheaper and more liveable places
  • Many emigrants return to their home country

3. Previously Buzzing Cities Become Less Buzzing

  • Cities like SF, NY, and London are facing an exodus
  • Offices are emptier and some surrounding businesses are less viable than before
  • These cities will gradually convert from commuter-optimised to liveability-optimised

4. A Growing “Digital Diaspora” in Third World Countries

  • This is a life-changing opportunity for people in developing countries
  • People who used to earn $20k, now earn $100k remotely
  • Their career, salary and daily interactions are international. They are digital emigrants

5. Demand for Digital Talent Is Still Larger Than Supply

  • The skills gap has been widening over the last decade
  • Even with this massive shift to remote work, there's still more openings for tech workers than there are people with such skills in the world

6. Salaries Will Adjust Towards a Global Mean

  • Top tier salaries (above $300k) might become rarer in remote work
  • Lower tier salaries (below $50k) will massively increase
  • Many people with decent experience in high demand skills could see their salary double or triple

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