Launching JobsCopilot while working remote
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Launching JobsCopilot while working remote

I launched JobsCopilot.AI in private at the Remote Jobs Braintrust Slack and to the Jobs Copilot waitlist. In total there are now 121 people using JobsCopilot.


I'm Sergio Pereira, and this is the Remote Work newsletter 👋

You might notice I'm sending you this newsletter a couple hours later than I usually do. Well, last week I told you about the launch of Jobs Copilot. And today I'll tell you how that's going.

I launched JobsCopilot.AI in private at the Remote Jobs Braintrust Slack and to the Jobs Copilot waitlist. In total there are now 121 people using JobsCopilot.

As expected, I received tons of feedback, and this was something new to me. I had never had so much inbound feedback coming to me through all channels (Twitter, Linkedin, Email, Slack). Felt like a firehose.

And let me tell you. I'm astonished by the kindness all of you expressed. Even those who shared negative feedback about the product did it in a very constructive way. Thank you, and I'm improving the product based on that!

Second thing is that the product has a bunch of points to improve. It became clear that:

• JobsCopilot has a lot of jobs (Good!)

• It can do a much better job delivering that to users (Bad!)

I have lots of feedback reporting location mismatches. US-only jobs being matched to users outside the US. Lack of relevancy in regards to skills and job titles. Etc. Some people are just concerned that they had 3000 jobs matched to them, and it's too many.

I'm hearing you all. I made a call to start with very open matching criteria, so that everyone would use the rejection feedback widget to train it over time. But I realise I was wrong. No one's gonna do that, if they don't get value right now.

Fair deal. Customer feedback is the only type of feedback that matters. This is now the main point of improvement for Jobs Copilot, and I'm doing it in two parallel efforts:

• Adding granularity to the data extraction. This is being done ahead of the next ingestion (weekly cron, over the weekend).

• Adding more granularity to the filters in the profile page.

This should materialize in a major improvement of experience for all users, and it should be much easier to find jobs that are highly relevant to you and apply to them.

That's what I want, to help everyone finding the jobs that fulfil them!

With that, let me introduce a new section at the bottom of this newsletter from now on. Every week I'll run a query against the JobsCopilot DB before writing this, grabbing 3 random remote jobs. Hope you all may find that useful:

Staff ML Engineer @ Assured

Product Manager @ GiddyUp

Frontend Engineer @ Deepgram

(Today sending as rough bullets. From next week onwards I'll try to make it a little bit better looking.)

Between now and then, I'll keep juggling JobsCopilot improvements together with my ongoing Fractional CTO commitments, where I'm experiencing high demand as I shared a few weeks ago. These are very interesting times, where I'm working longer hours than I expected, but enjoying much more than I've enjoyed most of my career until now. Let's see how it goes.

For everyone who signed up for JobsCopilot, please keep the feedback coming to me, through the "jobscopilot" email I shared. Again, thank you so much for your kindness, I'm improving the product upon your feedback. You should be seeing big improvements next week.

To the (still few) power users who are using Jobs Copilot every day and finding relevant jobs. Keep that feedback coming in as well. I love that!


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See you next Friday,

Sergio Pereira, 
Startup CTO & Remote Work Lover

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