Jobs Copilot - What to expect
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Jobs Copilot - What to expect

The JobsCopilot.AI is launching this week, and let me tell you more about what you can expect.


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Last week I told you about the upcoming launch of Jobs Copilot and the (good) challenges I faced while developing in recent months that delayed this launch.

The JobsCopilot.AI is launching this week, and these are the two important dates to save:

• Tuesday 28/May at 11am UK time - Pre-launch at the Remote Jobs Braintrust Slack.

• Wednesday 29/May at 11am UK time - Launch to the ~2000 people on the Jobs Copilot waitlist. You'll receive signup instructions over email.

But between now and then, let me tell you more about what you can expect from the Jobs Copilot:

1/ The problem I'm solving

Yes. After a decade working with startups and founding my own companies, I learned this the hard way. Any product must start with a problem statement. For JobsCopilot it's "I need a new job, but I can't find enough job openings that match my profile".

JobsCopilot is for everyone who wants to get a stream of job opportunities that are a good fit for them, but who doesn't love to scroll endless websites and job boards to get there.


2/ Tracking all job openings on the internet

I aim to help people find jobs, and the Copilot can only be useful if it tracks thousands of companies in real time. And tracking I did, the heartbeat of JobsCopilot is a powerful scraper and a Large Language Model. It tracks 400k+ companies, and for each new job that gets published by any of them, it collects the data and does a bunch of inferences to properly label and categorize each job.


3/ Creating a seamless user onboarding

I'm not a great designer myself, and I don't think JobsCopilot is a visual masterpiece at this initial stage. However, I wanted to get rid of the frustrations most job seekers report when signing up to job boards.

The onboarding of Jobs Copilot consists of one field: The Linkedin URL. It grabs all the relevant information to create the user's profile.

Then, there are only 2 important questions that are quite private for most people:

• Salary preferences.

• Remote preferences.

4/ Matching a user with the best jobs on the internet

I reckon most users of JobsCopilot will get hundreds of open jobs matched to them instantly as they signup. For some, perhaps more than a thousand jobs. It can be overwhelming for anyone who's used to spend hours scrolling job boards only to find a dozen of jobs worth applying.

For the moment I'm taking a very open approach. When in doubt, the Copilot will suggest a job and ask for feedback on relevancy. There's a widget to reject a job with some rejection factors to pick from. This will continuously teach the AI to make better recommendations for each user over the next days/weeks.

5/ Applying to jobs on behalf of users

This feature is not live yet. I want to focus all my energy in improving the relevancy of the jobs found and matched with each user.

Still, the auto apply queue is being developed, and it should go live in the coming weeks too. I think it will finally fulfil the vision I set to: "Get interviews booked while you sleep".

I learned a lot while developing Jobs Copilot. And I look forward to seeing thousands of people using it, getting interviews, and ultimately landing great jobs that fulfil their career and life goals. That will make me very happy!

I look forward to sending those welcome messages next week. If you're in the Braintrust Slack, you'll get it on Tuesday. If you're in the JobsCopilot waitlist, you'll get it on Wednesday. If you're not in any of those, you'll have to wait a bit more. Now it's on me to polish some last details so we can enjoy a smooth launch. Onwards!


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