Launching JobsCopilot during Fractional CTO explosion
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Launching JobsCopilot during Fractional CTO explosion

Today, I'm sharing with you some important announcements, and also some growth pains I've been facing in recent months.


I'm Sergio Pereira, and this is the Remote Work newsletter 👋

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Last week I told you about the evolution of my remote teams, and how I ended up hiring remote teams around the world.

Today, allow me to write a more personal newsletter edition. I'm sharing with you some important announcements, and also some growth pains I've been facing in recent months.

First of all, let me tell you about I have almost 2000 people on the waitlist, and I get messages from them almost every day. People need help to find a remote job. Scrolling job boards, and applying manually to all jobs is exhausting.

AI can be used for this, and the Jobs Copilot is that tool. It simply asks for your Linkedin profile and finds you hundreds of jobs available on the internet that match your skills, location and salary expectations. It should feel magical, and especially it should be a relief to anyone who's been endlessly scrolling job boards for months.

To all of you, I'm excited to announce that I'll launch on the 28th of May. This will be a private launch, please make sure to join the waitlist so you receive all instructions.

Jobs Copilot is now pulling hundreds of thousands of curated jobs per week, from a database out of 400k companies tracked. This is my log from yesterday, I ran some quality check scripts against this week's data pull:

For this specific script, I'm tracking ~89k tech companies as a sub-set of my DB. From those, ~26k tech companies are actively hiring, with a total of ~109k open jobs, after all data checks and filters.

Next Tuesday, I'll write a longer newsletter edition about the data I'm pulling and the JobsCopilot product flow. It will be sent exclusively to the ~2000 people on the waitlist, so make sure to join if you're interested.


While I'm very happy to finally launch JobsCopilot and help thousands of people find the jobs they aim for. I must also retrospect on some frustrations I've had along the way.

I had planned to launch in February, and here we are in mid-May. There were full weeks I wasn't able to touch the code at all. I found myself spreading too thin, which led to put this product on hold for some time in February and March. It sucked.

The original plan was for me to develop 100% of the product myself, but I ended up bringing a couple Engineers to help me get it over the line. Frankly, I wouldn't have launched otherwise, which would be a betrayal to these people on the waitlist who are messaging me every other day.

The reason I struggled with bandwidth was because the demand for my Fractional CTO business has soared in recent months. I'm having a constant inflow of 2-3 new client requests in my DMs every week.

It seems like my online content, especially on Linkedin, is driving a lot of interest. Non-technical Startup Founders are finding me, messaging me, and after a short call they want to hire me to help build their product, or hire their team, or fix something else on the tech side of their business. It's exciting. Very exciting.

But it's also a challenge. It cannibalised my attention from my own products (like JobsCopilot), and I find myself building a trusted network of Engineers and CTOs around me, as I need to delegate some of the work, or simply recommend clients to hire someone else for parts of the scope of work.

I love working with startups, and I love helping my clients succeed. This is a high trust environment, and I need to trust the people around me whenever I introduce someone to my clients.

I found that the Remote Jobs Braintrust community is the right place to build this tight network, since I already know everyone there, we have a track record of message exchanges and discussions, and we have this private Slack to chat about work opportunities.

This community has became my favourite place to hang out online for months. There are so many members that I feel I've known for a long time, as we discuss their interviews, offers and tangentially about side projects and so on.

This community gave me a lot, and I decided that every member of the Remote Jobs Brainstrust who joins before the 28th of May will have for free while they are job searching.

This should be a big push to help everyone land the remote job they're looking for, and I hope to eventually interview everyone on fireside sessions like those of Cristian, Fabien, Martynas and Borche we had recently. I love to see people win and to celebrate together!

Thanks for reading this newsletter until the end. You can read all past editions here. Make sure to share it with your friends and colleagues so they can read it too.

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See you next Friday,

Sergio Pereira, 
Startup CTO & Remote Work Lover

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