A CTO, a freelancer and a solopreneur enter a zoom meeting
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A CTO, a freelancer and a solopreneur enter a zoom meeting

Updates on Jobs Copilot and remote work


I'm Sergio Pereira, and this is the Remote Work newsletter 

Last week I showed you the behind the scenes of my JobsCopilot launch. Lots of feedback, customer support and quick bug fixing and iteration.

I sent an email to all customers yesterday, reporting on what has been addressed so far, the major-ish UI revamp next week, and the roadmap ahead.

Yes, paying customers who are patient with an MVP and who provide incredibly kind and thoughtful feedback. Yup, these folks deserve a proper sneak peak into the roadmap ahead for the product they are paying for. And let me tell you, it's very exciting stuff!

But it's also a lot of work, for which I under-planned a bit, to be honest. I haven't reduced the number of my client engagements to make time for this. In fact, the number of clients I'm running in parallel is at a record peak, given the recent inflow of requests I experienced.

Amidst all this work, I had this epiphany during one of the recent long nights I worked through: Remote work gave me the opportunity and flexibility to start multiple remote careers in parallel:

• A Remote CTO career (the one I had until a few years ago)

• A freelance career (as a Fractional CTO)

• A content creator career (writing online and creating courses and books)

• A public speaker career (lecturing workshops for O'Reilly and an increasing number of enterprise companies)

• Now a solopreneur building JobsCopilot and hopefully more SaaS products

All this comes with tradeoffs, and you might have noticed that I've been writing much less on Twitter or Linkedin recently. I've let that fall through the cracks of this workload, and I'll pick it up again next week to resume normal online activity.

I've also been doing more deep work coding sessions than in most of recent years, through JobsCopilot. I'm digging into the data issues, the matchmaking, the fields that are sometimes empty and figuring out why. I love the nerdy work of looking at huge jsons all day (not always, just occasionally, of course).

Also, I've had some successes with my clients recently. I'm more and more involved in building AI agents, and LLM-enabled value propositions. It's new and exciting, and I just wonder I had more time to study this stuff. On that, the solution I found was to be transparent with clients and bring some people in to help me with specific parts of the work that involve more effort and time investment on my side. So far I'm managing. We're shipping to prod, creating value and clients are happy. That's the goal, right?

I don't think I had planned for having these many careers going on in parallel. It just happened as a result of me showing up everyday on Twitter and Linkedin, and multiple opportunities finding me at a time when I'm feeling curious and full or energy to take them.

It's a lot of work, but I have never been so happy in my career as I am now, with this portfolio career that remote work brought to me. I fully own the outcomes of my work, and I'm fully accountable for how I do that work (for good or bad).

While that means that I'm having way more work load than I expected, it also means that I can get that work done from wherever I want. Today from the beautiful city of Budapest 🙂

As promised last week, I'm sending another 3 random remote jobs from JobsCopilot database:

Senior People Partner @ Deputy

Ruby on Rails Tech Lead @ MarsBased

Technical Project Manager @ FinMkt


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See you next Friday,

Sergio Pereira, 
Startup CTO & Remote Work Lover

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