2 paths to find your remote job
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2 paths to find your remote job

Today, let me tell about an important learning from the Remote Jobs Braintrust, and the 2 distinct pathways that people are following to land remote job interviews


I'm Sergio Pereira, and this is the Remote Work newsletter 

Last week I made JobsCopilot available to you all in this Newsletter. Thanks for tagging along in this journey from zero to 265 customers in one month. And it was just the first step, you'll get more updates soon.

But today, let me tell about an important learning from the Remote Jobs Braintrust, and the 2 distinct pathways that people are following to land remote job interviews:

1/ Low volume + High precision

This means you apply to just a few roles, but you invest a lot of time in those, so you increase your odds.

That's either through networking, careful research, cold outreach or simply by getting access to opportunities before they are published.

A great example of this is the #jobs-feed channel at the Remote Jobs Braintrust Slack, where I frequently post roles that someone sends me before they even open a job description. The community members I introduce to these almost always get the interview, and in a couple cases got hired:

Stream of remote job opportunities, in Remote Jobs Braintrust Slack

Some are fully remote others are US only, some are full time others are Fractional opportunities. I post in this channel all inbound opportunities that come to me and which I consider relevant to the community. 

Besides the slack channel, the first session about building your "jobs pyramid" to know what to focus on, and the session about allocating the time differently on different opportunities also plays a role to this targeted approach.


2/ High volume + Low precision

This is where most jobs are found, let's be honest. There's only so much we can tell by looking at a company website or a job description. Many times the best opportunities come from a JD that's not so different from hundreds of others. We never know.

It's a numbers game after all. And this is where JobsCopilot can help a lot, since it tracks all job openings across 400k+ companies. Almost 1M jobs were collected so far, directly from the companies' career pages. Most of them aren't published in job boards at all.

Soon I'll launch the auto-apply functionality, and there we'll fulfil the vision of having AI finding new jobs, figuring out which are relevant to us, and applying on our behalf. We'll indeed wake up with scheduled job interviews on our email inbox.

In the Remote Jobs Braintrust, I'm observing that people use a mix of these two approaches, and success comes from either channel for different people. Sometimes it's a bit random where the best offer comes from.

So I realised that the Braintrust members would benefit from both:

• The 8 session course,

• The Slack community,

• AND the Jobs Copilot as well.

For that reason, I've been giving a 3-month free use of JobsCopilot (Pro plan) to all members of this amazing community. We also have the #jobscopilot-feedback channel, for faster feedback loop with me.

If you're on the job market right now, it could be a great time to join the Remote Jobs Braintrust, and benefit from this full package that could help you land your dream remote job.

I'm really excited about the data I'm collecting with JobsCopilot, and in the coming weeks I'll be writing more about insights I find there. Especially those that are relevant to remote workers, like us.

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Sergio Pereira, 
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