JobsCopilot is now available for you
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JobsCopilot is now available for you

Today it's an exciting edition of this newsletter. I'm very happy to write that the Jobs Copilot is finally available to you.


I'm Sergio Pereira, and this is the Remote Work newsletter 👋

Last week I told you about my work at the, and the 5 types of remote jobs available in the market.

Today it's an exciting edition of this newsletter. I'm very happy to write that the Jobs Copilot is finally available to you. It will launch publicly next week, but my newsletter subscribers like yourself get it already today.

This is how you can use the Jobs Copilot today:

• Use this direct link to the signup page:

• Setup your profile with your Linkedin URL, make any changes to the data pulled, and set your salary and remote preferences.

• Now you can enjoy your stream of curated jobs pulled from 400k+ companies.


If you're looking for a job, but not sure if the Jobs Copilot will help you, let me tell you what happened in the last 2 weeks, since I launched it privately. It's been quite a journey from 0 to 199 customers. Folks are finding jobs, getting interviews, and obviously sending me lots of feedback upon which I've improved the product.

This message sums up the vibe from people who are using the product every day. Fernando was using 6 of the most popular job boards to find remote jobs in US companies, that allowed him to work remotely from Brazil. The Jobs Copilot is getting him job opportunities he hadn't found on those popular job boards:

In a survey I sent this week, some users already reported the first interviews booked for jobs they found on Jobs Copilot. I'm very glad that Jobs Copilot is helping folks, even at such an early stage.

And what's better is that these early customers sent me critical feedback, upon which I massively improved the product. Take a look at the flow you'll find inside:

1/ Easy onboarding with your Linkedin profile

In a few seconds, the Copilot fetches the data from your linkedin profile. You can add or remove skills and job titles. And you'll need to set your preferences for salary and remote.

Note that I broke the remote statuses into these 5 granular types of "Remote", based on early feedback:

2/ Jobs from 400k+ companies matched to you

For my profile and preferences the Copilot found 2500 jobs that match my criteria. This varies a lot based on skills, salary, location and the remote options, of course.

I released a massive UI improvement last weekend, I've added this nice grid view with filters to drill down the data so you can easily find the jobs you want from such a huge database:

I feel that the Jobs Copilot is already a powerful tool for any job seeker, and I'm very happy with early reports of customers gaining value from the product and getting interviews booked for jobs they wouldn't have found otherwise.

The product got a major improvement in just two weeks, and this is just the beginning, I expect to improve it a lot more based on everyone's feedback.

The next big roadmap item is to launch the Premium plan, with the Auto-Apply functionality. Everyone's asking for this, given they now have this firehose of fresh published jobs on their hands. I'm aiming to launch it next month, first to existing customers, of course.

You might remember I set this goal of helping 1000 people find remote jobs, earlier this year. This is my progress so far:

• The Remote Jobs Braintrust is at 197 members, with interview activity growing in the last couple months, and more people finding remote jobs. Last one was Kurian, and I'll announce a fireside session with him soon.

• The JobsCopilot has 241 customers even before the public launch. Most of these early users are looking for remote jobs.

Onwards to building more knowledge and tools to help people find the remote jobs they're looking for!

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Sergio Pereira, 
Startup CTO & Remote Work Lover

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