5729 new remote jobs this week
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5729 new remote jobs this week

Let me tell about my observation that the job market is way more dynamic than I thought. For the last couple months I've been scraping the careers pages of 400k+ companies every week.


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Last week I told you about the 2 different pathways you can follow to land you remote job. Of course you can, and should, do both efforts together.

But today, let me tell about my observation that the job market is way more dynamic than I thought. For the last couple months I've been scraping the careers pages of 400k+ companies every week, to feed the jobs database of JobsCopilot.ai with fresh new jobs.

I'm observing that it's common to find that 20-25% of the jobs scraped a week ago have already been retired today. And at the same time, another 20-30% new jobs have just been opened. It's a wild realisation, of how much and how fast the market moves.

As an example from this week's scrape. From the 24710 remote jobs that are active on company's careers pages right now, I see that 5729 of those are brand new, they were published this week. On the other hand, 7952 jobs that were live last week, have been retired in the meantime:

This testifies how fast and dynamic the market is, including for remote work.

As a job seeker I recommend you:

1/ Be fast to apply

This data suggests that jobs are filling up fast, and that's probably the main reason for positions being retired. Being one of the first to apply as soon as a job is published guarantees you that your application will be seen and taken into consideration.

2/ Track companies' careers pages

Companies usually post a job first in their own website. Only after a while if they don't get enough applicants will they publish it on popular job boards to get more traction. As such, you should monitor the careers pages of the companies you're interested in.

3/ Job boards are in a tough spot

If companies are filling their roles through their own careers pages, and the life cycle is rather short. This means that many jobs currently published on job boards might no longer be accepting applications. It also suggests that most jobs available worldwide aren't even published on jobs boards at all.


I'm having fun querying the JobsCopilot database, I find interesting insights every time. I'm actually thinking that I should publish proper job market reports based on this huge data pool I'm collecting every week.

In other news, several people at the Remote Jobs Braintrust community are succeeding in their job hunt. One of them is Kurian, who'll jump on a fireside session with me on the 18th July. He'll tell us about the two offers he had on the table, how he got them, and which job he accepted in the end.

This is my favourite place to hang out online, and I'm adding to the value provided with a JobsCopilot perk. It now includes:

• The 8 session course,

• The Slack community,

• Jobs Copilot 3-month for free.

If you're on the job market right now, it could be a great time to join the Remote Jobs Braintrust, and benefit from this full package that could help you land your dream remote job.

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