New year resolutions in remote work
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New year resolutions in remote work

This is the first newsletter edition of 2024 let's talk about New Year resolutions. I'm happy to tell you about my own goals for the year.


I'm Sergio Pereira, and this is the Remote Work newsletter 

In the last newsletter edition of 2023 I told you about these remote work trends I observed last year, and which I think will continue growing in 2024.

Today, in the first newsletter edition of 2024 let's talk about New Year resolutions. I'm happy to tell you about my own goals for 2024.


Finding a new remote job

In what seems like the ultimate proof of a New Year resolution. I had about 15 people signing up for the Remote Jobs Braintrust in first day of the year.

If your New Year resolution is to find a new remote job, you should probably do the same. We're starting cohort 4 next Tuesday, with sessions at 11am UK time. You'll be a part of a community that's just crossing 100 people. Grab you seat here.

I'm enjoying this community a lot, to be honest. And I'm learning about new ways to support remote job seekers, people who want to thrive in their career and grow their salary. In fact that's my biggest goal for 2024:

• Help 1000 people land remote jobs


That's an ambitious goal, and for that, I'm setting 3 goals for myself:

1/ Continue growing the Remote Jobs Braintrust

This course and community has already helped many people find remote jobs, or just iterate through their pitfalls, land more interviews and get to offers on the table. It's a long process for some, and that's part of the drill.

I'm committed to continue growing this community, learning from everyone's feedback, supporting those who are struggling, and ultimately share the wins and celebrate together when a community member lands a remote job.

I'm thinking of ways to go beyond this limited seat cohort and just open it up to more people.


2/ Launch a SaaS product

I'm very excited to allocate 10 hours of my time every week to build and launch a new SaaS product. The main reason for this is that I long to being more hands on, and write software code more actively.

But the bigger reason is that launching a product allows me to scale my help to more people. I'll be able to launch a value proposition at a lower price, since it doesn't depend directly on my time.

I'm having a lot of fun building it, and look forward to announcing it soon, on Twitter. Stay tuned.


3/ Continue working as a Fractional CTO

I write about my work as a Fractional CTO quite often, because moving from full time to Fractional was the biggest brake through of my career in recent years.

Only by working in such a flexible manner I can allocate the time to launch courses, a community and now the SaaS product.

As such, every year one of my goals is to simply continue making it work. And for that I need to find clients wiling to pay my rates and deliver the work for them. Sound simple, but it isn't. In fact, I'm seeing many people failing as they move to a Fractional or Freelance career, and the main reason is they fail to find clients consistently.


I find this growth of remote work very exciting, and I love to see people from around the world finding remote jobs. I speak with them on Twitter and on the Remote Jobs Braintrust, where we are closing down on the 100 people, with a diverse bunch from 30+ countries. I love it!

So, cheers to 2024 goals! I hope you started strong towards your own goals, and feel free to share them as a reply to this email.

In case your New Year's resolution was to land a new remote job, you should join the Remote Jobs Braintrust for the January cohort. Grab you seat here.

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See you next Friday,

Sergio Pereira, 
Startup CTO & Remote Work Lover

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