Earning $10k/month working from home
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Earning $10k/month working from home

Today I'm writing a rather personal edition. I'll retrospect on my own path to finding high income while working from home.


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Last week, I told you about my epiphany, and how people's career preferences are changing, with remote work at the top of those.

Today I'm writing a rather personal edition. I'll retrospect on my own path to finding high income while working from home.

I grew up in a small village in Portugal, and didn't have internet access until quite late in life - Can anyone imagine having no internet until you turn 18 these days? - well, that was me. So, all I saw was people around me working in fields, factories and the lucky ones who had office jobs. Commuting to an office was actually peak career success in my surroundings.

Everyone complained about low wages. And no one worked from home. In fact, few had computers or internet to start with. And this was the life I had in the books for me.

My fate changed when I met this guy who worked from home. He did day trading and freelancing, and told me he earned €10k/month from him bedroom, just using his computer. I didn't believe it, of course. So he showed me the payment receipts, and showed me the work he did and why clients would pay him to build websites.

This was around 2008, just 16 years ago, can you imagine? And I had my biggest learning ever:

• We are only limited by the information we have access to!

If we don't see success, we can easily believe that success is impossible. If we he don't see "weird careers", we can easily assume the only path is having a traditional 9-5 job. If we don't see these people working from home and earning good money, we won't even think that's a possibility for us either.

It happened with me, and it's happening with a lot of people who follow me. People I've never met DM me with stories of how they found their own success, and they thank me for having shown it's possible to have a remote career and earning more than low local wages.

I get very inspired. For a moment I feel like the world went full circle, and I'm now the one who shows it's possible, and inspires people to go get those high wages while working from home, wherever home is for each one of you.

I'm seeing it first hand in the Remote Jobs Braintrust community, where April was a strong month. People who took action are getting remote interviews and offers. See these reports we had in the #share-the-wins channels.

We started with Borche, a Frontend Developer from Macedonia, announcing his new remote job:

We'll actually have Borche sitting with me for a fireside session next Tuesday 7/May at 11am UK time. Where he'll share his process and learnings with the Braintrust community.

We also had Martynas, and Engineering Manager from Lithuania, who landed a remote job with a US company:

Martynas was very kind to share a very detailed breakdown of his job search process, all the learnings, and tips that other community members can use in their own job search. I sat with Martynas for a fireside chat last week. The recording is available for everyone in the Braintrust community.

Finally we had Kurian, a Machine Learning Engineer from India, who landed a job at a hot AI startup:

So, onwards to a month of May that's at least as successful as April! I love seeing people win. I love the back and forth in Slack DMs during the interview process and offer negotiations. And I absolutely love celebrating together in the #share-the-wins channel.

This month of May we'll probably see the Remote Jobs Braintrust community grow to 200 members, which is amazing!

And we'll also (finally) see the launch of my new product JobsCopilot.ai. After some hurdles, I'll finally launch it to the 1600+ people in the wait list.

Hopefully I'll help many more people land their dream remote job, and I'll be here to celebrate with each one of them. Such exciting times!

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Sergio Pereira, 
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